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Company Mission

We provide Real-time analysis, consumer-friendly, and cost-effective online services and solutions in medical diagnosis, agriculture, and navigation to help stakeholders and customers. We bridge the gap between our invaluable customers and stakeholders in realizing seamless benefits through data science and AI.

Company Vision

To defy the conventional platforms, the stringent technologies Pvt. Ltd. augments the businesses with AI and data science.
In traditional medical services, patients are required to obtain appointments followed by services. Our designed medical app. brings patients, doctors, diagnostic centers, and local government on to the same platform. This helps in building a healthy ecosystem between partners and minimizes the waiting times and long queues.
In  the agriculture field, we collect and do analytics on crops and  their prior history. We integrate farmers, agricultural scientists, and data scientists together to maximize the crop yield, reduce investment in agriculture, and seamlessly provide a supply chain to the market depending on the demand.
We also monitor the public transit system and traffic through our social media app. to reduce pollution, provide effective safety for passengers, minimize the time for passengers to reach their destinations and deliver goods, and products on time.
To defy the conventional platforms, the stringent technologies augment the businesses with AI and data science.

Software Development

Software development outsourcing

To create profitable software solutions for targeted business functions within record time to market. We design and develop AI powered intelligent applications for valuable business desires to compete in global business environment.

Custom software development

We handle complex business concerns with a modern software development service and carefully analyze potential customer needs. Our customize solutions that meet every business need.

Software product development

We shape technology to create value for your business with AI driven software insights. This enables stay ahead of the competition and our team supports the entire product development process: starting with discover workshops, design & prototypes, developments up to your product launch. AI

Our Services


Our Real time analysis service approach in agriculture sector to address different inadequacies such as farm operations, labor management, fertility usage, and cultivation of crops. We help the farmers in current marketing strategies in pre & post harvesting of their crops. The modern revolution in agriculture and allied business has some gaps in supply and demand.

Health Care

Our approach minimizes precious time and money of patience’s on health related decisions. We provide friendly on demand doctor appointments and services for better health related decisions. This service fulfils and provides the necessary affordable health assistance for public/private/unemployed people in both corporate and public domains.


Our real time analysis is part of supply chain management concerning towards transportation operations for the business. Here the process involved in the planning and coordination of moving goods/persons from one place to another place with real time tracking and monitoring. The current feature provides alters in turn by turn voice guided navigation which protection from hazards, provides information about gas station, cafes, and restaurant makes the journey comfortable and pleasant.


Stringent technologies can develop variety of online educational tools for target demographics (lower & Higher education) which include professional education and corporate trainings. Create e-learning materials, Digital Certificates, Document library, List of tutors & Document library, Evaluation, History & course statics, Concept learning contents, Online secessions, Feedback, Grade upgrade and Assessments.


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